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Noble Champion Sport Horses offers training in Western, Hunter-Jumper, and English disciplines.

Becky Brown

Becky was first certified as an instructor by The British Horse Society in 1973.  Since then, she passed her certification for The United States Dressage Federation, United States Eventing Assoc., and United States Hunter Jumper Assoc.  She is a graduate of the USDF L Education Program with distinction.  She has earned USDF Bronze and Silver medals.  She is the recipient of the USDF Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award and the USEA Cornerstone Teaching Award.  She is currently the president of the Dallas Dressage Club, on the membership committee for the USEA, Pony Club membership committee for USDF, and soon to be on the selection committee for The Dressage Foundation.

She has been operating The Becky Brown School of Horsemanship for over 30 years, developing champions in dressage and eventing.  She has produced many medal recipients.

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Javier C Ortiz

Javier came to Noble Champion Sport Horses, Inc. in 2016 and regularly trains horses and riders in our Cedar Hill, Texas location.  Javier was born into a family of equestrians in the small town of Texcoco,  Mexico. From an early age Javier was surrounded by very talented horses and horseman.  His father, uncles and grandfather all worked in various ranches around Mexico and the stories and experiences ran like water throughout their family.

It wasn’t until 2003 that Javier decided that he wanted to further his career with horses and made the decision to move to the United States with his uncle, Mario A. Contreras; who is the Head Horse Trainer for the Chicago Medieval Times.  Javier spent the next 6 years training with his uncle and learning the Classical Dressage Methods that he uses today in his training. In 2010 Javier became the Head Horse Trainer at the Medieval Times in Dallas Texas.

Javier uses the fundamentals of training that derive from the Spanish Riding School.  His consistency, patience and skill allow him to bring a green horse all the way up through the levels and turn them in to the talented, well trained horses you see today at the Dallas Medieval Times Castle. Not only is he expected to train the horses, but he is also in charge of teaching any and all of the riders as well.  Most of the riders that Javier has trained are people who come to the castle without any horse experience whatsoever.  These individuals may have never even pet a horse before much less ride a horse through a routine that includes lead changes, leg yields, and half passes all while carrying a flag. His technique and approach of each individual student and horse make him an exceptional teacher.

While a lot of Javier’s training experience lies with the Baroque horse breeds; he does not show prejudice to any breed. He truly believes that all horses have the ability to learn and can be encouraged to reach their maximum potential.  Javier trains all levels of riders and horses and has a unique ability to bring out the best in all of his riders and horses.  


Jim Eldrige - In Loving Memory

Jim Eldridge, former trainer at Noble Champion Sport Horses passed away on February 9, 2018,  Our indoor arena has been renamed in his honor in order to continue Jim's legacy here.  A fund has been established in his name to support a future rider.  If you would like to contribute to this fund please do so by contacting Chuck Scott at 972.400.2763 or send an e-mail to